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Project description:
Project of METALELEKTRO MEASURING TECHNIQUE Ltd. for establishment of new premises in city Cece

Project starting and ending dates:
2011. 02. 01 – 2013. 01. 31.

Project reg. nr.:

Supporting organisation:
National Development Agency (NFÜ)

Közreműködő szervezet:
KDRFÜ Central Transdanubian Regional Development Agency Non-Profit Public Benefit Ltd.

Project summary:
Our company owns a real state area with a total of 4943 sqm in village Cece. Due to favourable traffic conditions, we want to establish new premises of a net 211,59 sq m including petrol station and adjacent edifice in the first project phase. In close connection with this concept concerning vehicles and a part of second project phase, the company also wants to additionally establish auto repair shop and diagnostics station, hand carwash, technical inspection stations and vehicle informatics development and service basis equipping with meter devices of the latest technical standards. With our project we also apply for subvention to cover costs arising as follows: a/ part of construction works regarding adjacent edifice with completed attic storey (net area takes 405,63 sq m) that are due in second project phase.; b/ construction works of hand carwash; c/ additional works concerning outdoor, garden, installation of security and infrastructure appliances; d/ costs arising of procurement and setup of devices, tools and equipment necessary for car repair and technical approval services. Taking advantage of convenient geographic location the village is situated, the company with headquarters in Debrecen (East-Hungary) will launch its activities in Dunántúl (West-Hungary). As a matter of fact, the headquarters located in a remote district get a lot of assistance from the premises in Budapest to maintain business contacts to customers and suppliers but in some cases (especially with contacts in South- and Southwest-Hungary) it does not seem to be enough. Both the favourable geographic location and the subvention to be applied to cover costs on establishing premises in the second project phase would mean for our company a support to such an extent that would not be possible in Budapest even with subvention granted. We plan to establish a self-supporting service and development basis with focus on vehicles that will be able to convert ideas into practice with no delay and without any external help (i.e. renting a workshop for repair or testing purposes). The mere location of the premises itself in the a.m. region will help to improve business contacts to customers and suppliers in the region. As a result, our company might count with increasing number of customer contacts, decreasing costs of suppliers that will, as an addition, let costs fall and turnover rise. After completing the second project phase, new workplaces in the premises will open. Approx. 40 per cent job openings are calculated. Above investments will make market position of our company more stable and an autonomous and economic self-sufficient premises will emerge that becomes strong enough to counterbalance market changes.

Announcing the Project in situ


View on real estate in Cecei before startingProject on establishment of premises


AView on premises in Cece during completin of Project
2011.02.01 – 2011.08.14.