STRAIGHT-EDGE COMPACT - RC2, a one-unit straightness measuring device has been developed by Metalelektro Méréstechnika Ltd. to check the geometry of running and directing surface of rails in straight sections, curves and transition curves.
STRAIGHT-EDGE COMPACT - RC2 consists of a measuring beam and a PDA portable computer, that can be connected to the beam through Bluetooth radio connection.
The electronics, calibration and data operation of STRAIGHT-EDGE COMPACT - RC2 enables it to investigate the straightness of the surface of unalloyed or slightly alloyed 700-950 MPa strength rails and that of AT or butt welds in the rails as well.
The equipment can be utilised to investigate the geometry of magnetisable metal surfaces in a contactless non-destructive way. During the measurement a measuring probe working on the magnetic principle passes along the measuring beam and measures the distance between the examined surface and the beam.
Having performed the measurement it draws the straightness of the surface displaying 200 measuring points/1000 mm in a selectable enlargement and gives the maximum and minimum values as well as the absolute defect with qualification of the measurement. The derivative qualification can also be seen with the quality index of the measurement. The measuring results can be transferred to another computer (PC) by an USB cable or Bluetooth connection to the SEC-RC+ Desktop printing programme for further data processing and printing.




Please, turn with questions to our colleague responsible for the instrument:

Mr András Hüse

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