Measurement principle

Operation of the RailScan device is based on the principle of magnetic Barkhausen-noise. The RailScan determines magnetic characteristics from the Barkhausen-noise acquired by the means of magnetising the rail surface to be measured both in the longitudinal and transversal direction.
The RailScan device consists of a hand trolley that can be pushed along the rail, the instrument unit and measuring probe mounted onto it. The instrument unit contains a foil keyboard computer controlled measuring electronics. Electric power of the device is supplied by an external battery.


Application of the RailScan device

In status survey of continuous welded rail tracks and in inspecting construction and maintenance works are application fields of the RailScan device quite wide. With the device long sections can be examined economically with adequate frequency and because its accuracy is appropriate it proved to be applicable in researches concerning neutral temperature of continuous welded rail tracks.
Reliable knowledge of neutral temperature of continuous welded rail tracks is one of the important questions of operating railways safely. Neutral temperature will not stay at the value determined in the course of finalizing railway construction works, because of several reasons like creeping of the rail, track sinking, track radial moving and effects of track maintenance.
Fluctuation of longitudinal forces of continuous welded rail tracks is due to incorrect rail neutral temperatures, improper tension (rail clipping) or specific track structures like bridges or because of turnouts. It is important to be able to evaluate the distribution of force and to control the highest rail force to decrease tendency of buckling and excessive tensile stresses.
The RailScan device provides proper solution for these tasks. Although its application requires preliminary calibration for the rail type to be examined, but hereafter neutral temperature can be determined by a non-destructive method and therefore it is economical. Look at the results of the past years!



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