Minicheck RA

Coatings thickness meter with Bluetooth

The MiniCheck device is a small size easy to handle coating thickness meter.
It is suitable for measuring the thickness of non-magnetisable coatings: galvanic coatings, zinc, chromium, cadmium, etc. and paint, enamel and plastic coatings applied on steel and aluminium bodyworks. The equipment operates non-destructively on an electromagnetic principle.
It is able to transfer measurement data via built-in Bluetooth to a suitable device for example a computer.


MiniCheckForKiv program

The program MinicheckForKiv KÖKIR the program can be used as the KIV program. Of course, you also need to set the MiniCheck-et as the KIV program.


Please, turn with questions to our colleague responsible for the instrument:

Mr László Kovács

Tel: +36-1/371-20-96; Fax: +36-1/371-22-92