Project description:
Reading of logistics codes written in metallic subjects by laser beam on the electromagnetical principle (syndicate, leader)

Project starting and ending dates:
2005.02.28 - 2007.12.15.

Project reg. nr.:

Supporting organisation:
Ministry of Economy and Transport

Assisting organisation:
Research – development Tender Management and Research Exploitation Office (KPI) 

Project summary:
The objective is to develop and put into practice a new application for identification of certain components of things, subjects or equipments made of metal just with no time limit by analogy with bar code. Laser beam is intended to create codes and a device working on electromagnetic principle will read the codes. In so doing also signs and markers can be applied that are not necessarily visible to human eye. This method offers advantages to applications in the vehicle industry and transport as well as other industries. Both synchronisation of writing and reading codes and optimalization of marking and reading codes are all lying ahead. We will study material structure basics of laser marking technology and elaborate an appropriate method to read codes. Mathematical modelling will also contribute to development of measuring probe. The R+D programme will result in designing and constructing new equipment that carries out code marking and reading not only under laboratory conditions as well as processing, evaluation and integration of experiences in logistics systems.

Project syndicate members in charge of project elaboration:

  1. METALELEKTRO Ltd. (chairman)

  2. Budapest University of Technology and Economics
    - Department of Vehicle Manufacturing and Repairing (BME JJT)
    - Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory
      (BME HVT)

  3. HAS Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Sciencet

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