Lifetime determination

Project description:
Lifetime determination of construction elements in power plants (syndicate, 5th member)

Project starting and ending dates:
2002.01.01 - 2005.12.01.

Project reg. nr.:

Supporting organisation:
Ministry of Education

Assisting organisation:
Research – development Tender Management and Research Exploitation Office (KPI)

Project summary:

Time period of equipment (production facilities) utilization is basically determined by the lifetime of its main components. Longer lifecycle period is, of course, more preferable, not only from the point of view of efficiency but also regarding the environment load: waste per production unit will certainly fall after disassembling unserviceable production facilities. Determination of exact lifetime is considered by operators of high value manufacturing facilities as of elementary importance in their business. Reactor pressure vessel in a nuclear power plant used to play a fundamental role because it represents the most crucial reactor component as far as safety is concerned. As a result of appropriate measurements taken, its lifecycle will safely extend, however, this will by no means set any technical limits to the lifetime of the whole power plant. In order to maintain this concept, reliable results from research activies are essential because they will serve as a basis for the lifecycle management. Our researches are focused on the investigation of factors making lifetime of certain equipment shrink due to embrittlement. As a matter of fact, embrittlement of materials can always be traced back to environmental influences. Nuclear radiation, corrosion, material fatique to smaller and greater extents as well as controlled or general concentration of certain elements due to diffusion mechanisms are all considered as parts of damaging mechanisms. Lifecycle management is a task of industries, backed by research. In order to convert research results into everyday practice, results should be published in guides that arrive in hands of users and authorities. Aim of the project is to elaborate guidelines of technical background of lifecycle management and methods of application the latest research results.

Project syndicate members in charge of project elaboration:

  1. KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute (chairman)
  2. Paks Nuclear Power Plant
  3. Bay Zoltan Foundation for Applied Research Institute of Logistics and Production Systems
  4. Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Mechanical Technology Department and Department of Materials Structure)
  6. ERBE Energy Engineering Office Ltd.
  7. JRC Institute for Energy Petten
  8. Researchcenter Rossendorf, Forschungzentrum Rossendorf

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