Laser marking

Project description:
Investigation of steel constructions regarding their stress situation originating from manufacturing and operation by the means of laser marking and data retrieval based on the electromagnetic principles (syndicate, 3th member)

Project starting and ending dates:
2004.01.01 - 2006.10.31.

Project reg. nr.:


Supporting organisation:
National Office for Research and Technology (NKTH)

Assisting organisation:
Research – development Tender Management and Research Exploitation Office (KPI)


Project summary:
As a matter of fact, interal stress in large steel constructions emerges due to manufacturing and operation. Tolerances originating from the manufacturing process as well as heat input arising from welding technology applied are together held to be the main sources for internal stress situation. Due to the fact that internal stress is only to be investiged in a complicated and expensive way, it remains in many cases undiscovered, nevertheless, it is considered to exert crucial influence on loadability of steel constructions. Project aim is to design and develop an appropriate method and necessary tools to keep track of stress changes, starting with manufacturing of elements, through construction assembling and putting into operation to the end of lifetime of the construction under investigation. Within the framwork of the Project, our team has completed design and development of an appropriate method and relevant tools to provide information on stress changes arising in steel constructions, especially in bridge constructions, during the manufacturing process and also in the operation. Main advantage of the solution provided is that above method of investigation works even in case markers are set afterwards.

Project syndicate members in charge of project elaboration:

  1. Budapest University of Technology Department of Vehicle Manufacturing and Repairing (chairman)
  2. LASRAM Laser Co. (in 2004 left syndicate and Project, METALELEKTRO Ltd. took over its role)


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