Project description:
Development of a therapeutic equipment and system to help lower extremities learn to be gradually exposed to partial load under control.

Project starting and ending dates:
2011. 01. 01 – 2013. 05.31.

Project reg. nr.:

Supporting organisation:
National Development Agency (NFÜ)

Assisting organisation:
Hungarian Economic Development Centre (MAG Zrt.) 

Project summary:
After successful health treatment (operation, plaster cast, etc.) in orthopedics it is very important to inform patients in rehabilitation period on future steps and extent of load to be exerted in order to let injured limb recover its usual health condition. This is the very reason why is it so important to always remind patients to keep in mind all doctor’s instructions as well as the regular inspection by the doctor itself. Application of a certain product of our product group to be developed according to Project aim will certainly help people to achieve this goal. The product in question (temporarily called as LIMBMON) is considered to be a therapeutic equipment and system to help lower extremities learn to be gradually exposed to partial load under control. Despite of available appliances that is complicated to operate and supply only very limited informational feedback to patients, this medical appliance will have many functions and create a competitive product group on the international market. The medical appliance will control and educate patients how to train injured lower extremities to the level of load necessary and sufficient for total recovery. While doing so, threat of additional injuries becomes lower, and in case of disputes, clear evidences will proof any discrepancy regarding exceptional load on limb during rehabilitation training. Sophisticated product versions will operate with data storage units. Attending physician or physiotherapist can download data and keep an eye on domestic load treatment. Recording amount of exerted load as well as storing relevant training data over a specific period of time is the appliance’s main functions. Appliances like this will transfer the possibility of safe recovery to patient and that of controlled treatment to the doctor. First task to be done is to purchase an intellectual product that is held to be the base of the Project and the R+D activities of our company. Only after completion of this task we will feel to be able to exert activities with the required legal and professional background and can change over to actualisation of our knowledge as far as technical and medical subjects are concerned. Design and development of future sensor applications, energy supply and ways of data transfer will follow after scrutinizing requirements of end-users and possible application. Activities regarding software programming and server computing will run at the same time. Next step is to create the first integrated device version (throwaway model) intended for examinations in clinics contacted during the Project preparation phase. According to the declarations of intent attached, clinics are ready to cooperate and help in our development work. Experiences will be integrated in models before starting the next turn of tests. As next, software codes, components, electronic elements and units will be integrated in plan according to the company’ quality management system. By reference to documents, prototypes will be produced to apply in the second phase of clinical tests to check all the system components in one turn. Gaining and feedback of experiences to design and development as well as fine tuning and redrafting will also concern beside hardware elements also clarification or modification of software and its components. In the same turn therapeutic techniques and modes involving the new equipment itself will be elaborated. After finalizing plans and programmes and creating one piece each of every prototype version will control measurements follow. After finishing the Project it is highly recommended to start with formation of a marketable product as soon as possible.
We will face intensive marketing activities after completing this task.

2011. 06. 28. projektnyitó – sajtótájékoztató

      2011. 06. 28. Project opening – press conference