Image recording

Project description:
Electronic image and sound recording in emergency cases of vehicles in traffic situation, non-accessible digital data storage

Project starting and ending dates:
2004.07.01 - 2006.01.31.

Project reg. nr.:


Supporting organisation:
Ministry of Economy and Transport

Assisting organisation:
Research – development Tender Management and Research Exploitation Office (KPI)


Project summary:
The objective was to develop an electronic image and sound recording and storing device that can also be installed in cars afterwards. The device tracks all the events concerning the vehicle in traffic situations, i.e. collision, bumping, etc.) with the help of cameras and microphones. The device is also able to track values of vehicle acceleration. In case these values exceed a certain preset critical value (emergency case), all the relating image and sound recordings will immediately be stored. In other cases, i.e. due to lack of emergency case, recordings will not be stored, however, the device never stops to track traffic events.
Stored recordings of images and sounds undergo archiving in a shock- and vibration-proof data storage unit until next download. Downloading is only possible to be performed in a specific way and for authorised persons. Excluding attendance of unauthorised persons makes subsequent data manipulation impossible. In case of dispute or lack of responsibility for traffic accidents data evaluation might help to clarify the situation.
In emergency case 15 seconds of image and sound recording preceding the event and 5 seconds afterwards will automatically stored by the system.

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