Project description:
High-tech at the University of Debrecen: applications in genomics, nano- and biotechnology (GENOMNANOTECH, syndicate 4th member)

Project starting and ending dates:
2005.01.01 - 2008.12.31.

Project reg. nr.:


Supporting organisation:
National Office for Research and Technology (NKTH)

Assisting organisation:
Research – development Tender Management and Research Exploitation Office (KPI)


Project summary:
The University of Debrecen is one of the leading research universities in the country that has outstanding results in human genomic research. Based on the infrastructure necessary for dynamic progress as well as the team of research fellows and the critical mass obtained in the field of R+D sources, GENOMNANOTECH-DEBRET (furthermore GND) has determined its strategic objectives as follows: results of basic research should intensively be represented in developments inducing product-related changes in industries and generating increasing income for both the university and the region. In order to meet these objectives, GND will take the efforts as per particulars given below: 1/The new Building of Human Genomic Research to be opened in 2005 will, together with an increasing amount of research fellows (incl. a great number of post-doctoral applications) create a common research platform and up-to-date educational base for basic and applied molecular research fellows employing high-tech technology in medical, biological and agricultural fields. Meanwhile, a considerable amount of spin-off and start-up companies will launch business on the former facilities of working groups moving to the Building as well as in the Industrial Park of the University. 2/ The business utilisation of products, emerging from translational research, done by the means of genomics, nano- and biotechnology, improving life quality, have been put to perspective of the interdisciplinary activities of GND. 3/ The GND knowledge centre’s programme has been composed with special focus on following subjects: partial tasks are combined through launching them from the fundaments of genomics and biotechnology, development subjects are linked on problems arising from public health care and nutrition, introduction of state-of-art food production technologies, animal and safety pharmacology testing of biological influences as well as developing nano-technology and measurement techniques in respective subjects. 4/ Inclusion of present and earlier larger projects in the framework of GND, the wide but converging range of research subjects as well as the diversity of teams involved in development and business partners using available results give altogether long-term justification and guarantee for prosperous years. 5/ Both application and transfer of technologies become established as far as product and licence portfolio creation and enhancement and policies to attract investment capital are concerned. 6/ In accordance with development activities in the city and the region, structural change will break through to establish biotechnological industries with high value added that is based on the knowledge base of the university and offer possibilities to create jobs. Subject relevant development of a meter device is focused on up-to-date application of noise analysis.

Project syndicate members in charge of project elaboration:

  1. University of Debrecen (chairman)
  2. College of Nyíregyháza
  3. National Instruments Europe Software and Hardware Manufacturing Ltd.
  5. Synapse Market Research and Consulting Ltd.
  6. Labexpert Trading and Servicing Ltd.
  7. Acro Servicing Lp.
  8. Kéri Pharma Pharmaceutical Production and Distribution Ltd.
  9. Papp-Ker Ltd.
  10. Master Good Manufacturing and Trading Ltd.
  11. Bakonszegi Awassi Agriculture, Food Industry and Trade Co.
  12. Juhker Agricultural Manufacturing, Trading and Servicing Ltd.
  13. Észak-Alföldi Regional Agricultural Innovation and Technology Transfer CenterPublic Company
  14. SANATMETAL Manufacturer of Orthopaedic and Traumatologic Products Ltd.
  15. ComGenex Research & Development Co.
  16. Solvo Biotechnology Co.
  17. EXPERIMETRIA Biomedical Research, Development, Manufacturer Ltd.
  18. SYNOSENS Research and Development Ltd.