Project description:
On Line Monitoring of Structures and Fatigue (syndicate, 2nd member)

Project starting and ending dates:
2011. 09. 01 – 2013. 08.31.

Project reg. nr.:

Supporting organisation:
National Development Agency (NFÜ)

Assisting organisation:
Hungarian Economic Development Centre (MAG Zrt.) 

Project summary:
Aims of the project is to develop an On-line monitoring system of high temperature plant components. Several components and structures of power, chemical and petrochemical plants operate at elevated temperature. These components and structures face to such ageing and degradation mechanism as creep, thermal ageing, and high temperature hydrogen embrittlement. Due to the unknowncondition and the high consequences of any failure, the operational risk can be extraordinary high. To prevent failure, it is necessaryto recognise the critical state of a component in time which requires special dedicated monitoring techniques.
Aimes of these project to develop an integrated hardware and software system for on-line and on-site measurement of structure displacements in most critical regions in order to prevent failure due to flaw or fatigue and due to poor design of structure. 

Project syndicate members in charge of project elaboration:

  1. Bay Zoltan Foundation for Applied Research Institute of Logistics and Production Systems (chairman)