Company introduction

METALELEKTRO MEASURING TECHNIQUE LTD. is the legal successor of measuring technique business sector of METALELEKTRO Ltd. established 1991 in Hungary. Over twenty high-qualified work colleagues combine several fields of knowledge with many years of experiences, lots of creativity and enthusiasm.

As a result, almost 40 different types of special meter devices have been developed and many thousand pieces produced.

As a matter of fact, experiences of executing measuring services are continuously being integrated into device development.

Our customer is our colleague at work

No matter, whether it is about railway track diagnostics or driving training, clients with development ideas are actively involved in each development phase.

From idea to reality

No doubt, guidance of our specialists, the well-equipped workshops and perfect supply chain will help your ideas develop from prototype to series production.

From A to Z

You will get impeccable services you need: beginning with machinery and electronics through software development, followed by designing, modelling and labour testing. As a default, meter devices appear as system-integrated components.

Why to produce a small series of meter devices?

We are encouraged to offer solutions especially for very specific subjects to enter niche markets and gain dominance.

One step ahead of demand

Cooperation with scientific research institutions ensures application of latest production technologies.

We would be pleased to see you taking our product as a proper means to achieve your goals. Do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance even if you have specific ideas, subjects or requests!