Bridge survey instruments

Project description:
Meter devices for bridge construction inspection

Project starting and ending dates:
2002.05.01 - 2002.09.30.

Project reg. nr.:

Supporting organisation:
Ministry of Economy and Transport

Assisting organisation:
Hungarian Enterprise Development Public Company (MVf Kht.)

Project summary:
This application will support efforts to develop and improve bridge diagnostics methods to examine technical parameters subject to mandatory testing on a periodic basis as stipulated in bridge inspection rules and regulation, as well as design and develop new diagnostic systems. The application will help our company to purchase latest technical equipment that enables it to carry out state-of-art bridge diagnostics as well as to achieve reliable, exact and high quality measurement results. Consequently, the company will be able to offer measurement services in more professional way and meet high quality standards respectively. Listing of purchased tools and meter devices: data logger, direct reading torque wrench, milling machine, laser leveller, measurement amplifier system, infra thermometer, dewpoint meter.

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