Eddy-current meter device

The uECSCAN named „eddy-current pencil” is suitable for detecting structural defects and manipulations in the upper layer of metals, metal sheets, especially in bodyworks of vehicles. Due to eddy-current working principle, the device is able to separate and measure changes both in quality and the coating thickness of the base metal at the same time. Due to microprocessor supported measuring process, intelligent equipment with high sensitivity has been designed to perform the examination as easily and quickly as it can be.

Due to its design and small size, the equipment performs quick, non-destructive measuring in places accessible with difficulty. Thanks to the measuring principle, neither surface unevenness (or coating thickness) nor changes in the measuring angle may cause error in the material quality measuring process. Any weld and joint on steel or aluminium bodywork will easily be detected even under 1mm coating.



Please, turn with questions to our colleague responsible for the instrument:

Mr István Németh

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